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History of the Accounting Firm of VanderGaag & Bakker

The history of a small town accounting firm cannot be separated from that
of the professional partners who founded it, operated and grew with it.

Our Story

The founding partner of the firm was Ted Bobb, who, in September of 1967, began working towards his CGA designation with the local firm of Carl M. Spicer. The firm was located next door to the Royal Bank. During the early 1970s, the firm underwent several name changes. 


In September of 1972, upon receiving his CGA designation, Ted Bobb became a full partner in the firm that, for the next 25 years, included his surname in its business name. The turbulence of the late 1970s saw the firm change not only names but also partners, until the late spring of 1978 when it was relocated to 4th Avenue and became known as E.D. Bobb, Certified General Accountant. 


In July 1987, Willy VanderGaag became a partner, changing the firm name to Bobb & VanderGaag, CGAs and continued to operate out of the premises on 3rd Avenue. 


John Bakker, also born and raised in Smithers, graduated from Smithers Senior Secondary School in 1972 and enrolled in Simon Fraser University. In the spring of 1976, John obtained a BA in commerce and soon after that began articling with a firm in Prince George. After a few years on the CA program, John returned to Smithers to commence employment with the firm of E.D. Bobb, CGA. 


John received his CGA designation in 1982 and in 1986, wanting to try industry, went to work for the All West Glass group of companies until 1995, when the pull of public practice brought him back to the firm, Bobb & VanderGaag, CGAs. 


On January 2, 1997, Willy and John acquired Ted Bobb’s interest in the firm and he retired. The firm remained known as Bobb & VanderGaag, CGAs and continued to be housed in the same premises on 3rd Avenue. 


In 2002, Willy and John secured their own ground floor premises in a well-appointed alpine-themed building located at 1076 Main Street, changing the name to VanderGaag & Bakker.


An opportunity arose at VanderGaag & Bakker in August of 2013, at which time Greg, son of Willy, moved his family to Smithers. In January 2016, Greg acquired John's interest in the firm.

Troy began working at VanderGaag & Bakker when he and his wife, Annie, moved back to Smithers in September of 2015. In January 2021, Troy Van Damme became a partner of VanderGaag & Bakker​.

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